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Raising property software standards

For many years VTUK has led the field in developing innovative software solutions for lettings and estate agents. Our software benefits our clients across four distinct areas: business continuity; retaining clients; winning new clients and increasing profit from every transaction.

Leading industry debate

From regular updates on changes to the regulatory environment to round table dinner events attended by leading industry figures, we go further to inform and manage debate on industry issues that have an impact on our clients' businesses.

Built by us, made by you

We realise that every agent's need is different, which is why our software development starts in our clients offices. If our software doesn't do everything you need it to, tell us what you want and we'll build it.

Delivering a real competitive advantage

Our approach goes further than the development of software solutions. It includes CPD accredited training services, free seminars on key business drivers and a huge focus on after-sales care. It's why our client retention rate over 5 years is over 98%.

Delivering tomorrow's solutions, today

Marketing and managing properties in today's market involves more than a handshake. The range of processes required takes time that agents could better spend elsewhere. By developing innovative solutions we liberate our clients to spend their time on building their business.

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What Our Clients Get

Our clients don't just get great software; they get software developed specifically to fit their needs. Our clients don't just get an annual call to check everything is OK; they get a dedicated account manager, regular contact and as much training as they need. Our clients don't worry about paying for add-ons; because we don't charge them extra for access to our best-in-class third party supplier network, attending our business growth seminar programme or industry recognised round table dinner events. Our clients aren't clients, they are our partners. And when they succeed, we succeed - that's how we do business.

 We have had 98% client retention rate over 5 years. To see what our existing clients say, go to testimonials.

products made for your business


AQUARIUS is our estate agency software and is one of our longest standing products. It's not just survived, but thrived and is, we believe (and our clients tell us) the best dedicated estate agency software around.


We developed PISCES, which is a carefully selected and vetted group of best-in-class suppliers that you can access directly through our software. PISCES -it's changing the way property professionals do business with suppliers.


If it is a decision based on your data, TAURUS can automate it. But that is not all, TAURUS can query and write back to any compliant database - the possibilities are endless.TAURUS works with our other software products to ensure the things that you need to do, every day, get done.


If you work in the world of lettings or property management we don't know how you can get by without GEMINI. It does lettings and management brilliantly, and then some. It's our flagship product, is award-winning and something that we're rightfully proud of.


We developed SCORPIO, a best of both worlds solution that allows you remote access to server-stored data. SCORPIO has also been designed to help you retain landlords by offering them services they might not get from your competitors, and also a point of difference in order to attract new landlords.

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