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AQUARIUS is our estate agency software and is one of our longest standing products. It's not just survived, but thrived and is, we believe (and our clients tell us) the best dedicated estate agency software around.


Whatever the market conditions in estate agency, the business is about people talking to people. Focus your time on communications and not admin with the industry's most composite business selling tool.

The ultimate in sophistication using the worlds most advanced database technology and programming languages, this property software is developed not on concepts of the mechanics of how a sale should progress, but on the real world and how a tool can not only ensure that the progress is swift and seamless but can also encourage team members to "act" proactively to maximise sales results.

We have sought advice from the worlds premier sales, marketing and property professionals and in a deviation from normal practice have applied this practice to the system design, effectively incorporating work flow and best practice by design instead of "in spite of design".

As one of our advisors put it, people looking to buy or sell a house aren't interested in what software an Agent is using, they want fantastic service, from the point where they receive a warm welcome, through excellent communications all through the process down to a big bunch of flowers on completion.

We will ensure that your staff deliver this time and time again, that in a booming market nothing is lost and in a desperate market every edge is honed and put to effective use. Reputations and success are built on this and Aquarius will be the platform to guarantee success with minimum overhead.

In comparisons to service levels and cost delivery of not only other software companies in property but industry wide VTUK proves again and again to offer the very best value for money. In fact a consultant from a large UK consultancy told us our margins were so keen they were unsustainable. That was over two decades ago, so here's to the next twenty years of giving our client's better value for money, better service and better attitude than any one could hope was possible.

Prerequisite software: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 SP1 or later
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express or above
Microsoft WORD 2007
Microsoft EXCEL 2007
Internet Requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or later (prerequisite for .NET Framework)
RAM: Minimum: 192 MB
Recommended: 512 MB or higher
Hard Disk space: 600 MB free space
Processor: Pentium III Compatible or higher
Minimum: 500 MHz
Recommended: 1 GHz or higher
Operating System: Windows 2000 or higher


Haus Properties, founded in November 2011 by former Apprentice candidate, Jamie Lester, is a London-based estate and lettings agency with branches in Fulham and Chiswick. When setting up the business, Jamie wanted to change people's perception of estate agency by offering a superior type of service. He viewed choosing the right software provider as having an integral role to play in his offering. 

Jamie Lester Said: 

"Haus wasn't my first venture into the property agency business and I already had a broad knowledge of the software products available on the market. There wasn't a stand out product, all were off-the-shelf and did what they said on the tin. There was nothing specifically tailored to individual agents' needs and product development was led by software developers rather than estate agents, which resulted in products that don't fully meet the needs of agents.

The approach at VTUK is totally different and something I think is truly unique. From day one, they made it very clear that if I wanted something bespoke designing, they would do it. The best example is something called Open Book, an extension of their estate agency software, Aquarius, which VTUK developed specifically on my request. Open Book is essentially a secure online portal that enables vendors to track every single thing that is happening with regard to the marketing of their property. Every viewing is logged, with feedback from the potential buyer and every viewer is ranked in terms of quality - whether they have their property on the market, are part of a chain, a cash buyer etc.. It enables vendors to see, quickly, easily and transparently, the progress we are making and exactly how proactive we are in terms of marketing their property. It's brand new, innovative and, I believe, truly unique, and it gives Haus a genuine competitive advantage. I don't know any other software provider other than VTUK that would have developed it for us. It took a lot of effort and work to get it exactly how we wanted it and totally vindicated my decision to choose VTUK as our software partner. What they do is head and shoulders above anything any other software provider offers.

Their after-sales care is amazing as well. I have quarterly review meetings to ensure that the software continually develops and meets our needs. We have a very open relationship with VTUK, far more so than with any other software provider I have ever used.

I have grand ambitions for Haus and a strong desire to be creative in order to differentiate our offering and provide a superior standard of service - we offer a free removal service for example. I therefore expect very high standards from every supplier we work with. With VTUK, they exceeded expectations every step of the way. When it comes to property software, I really don't know why any agency would use anyone else."

News feed – an internal communication system that allows staff to send group and private messages to one another as well as informing all staff when a new applicant, instruction or offer has been added to the system.













Dashboard – A visual display that groups your database depending on traffic lighting and statuses. It allows staff to analyse and isolate groups, i.e. their hot applicants just by clicking on the relevant piece of pie.













MI – The complete Management Information tool; allows you to analyse the performance of your whole business, a single branch or an individual member of staff.













Chain details – record the complete contact details of everyone included in your chains. Including; Agent, Solicitor, Financial Advisor, Surveyor & Removal Company. Allowing you to keep everything moving along smoothly.












Calendar – Full staff calendar that can be colour coded for each member of staff. It can sync with your Outlook calendar and can overlay with our Lettings & Management system Gemini.













Matching – whether matching applicants to instructions, appraisals to applicants or instructions to applicants, Aquarius provides a percentage score based on the strength of the match and allows you to email, text or produce letter documentation.



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AQUARIUS is our estate agency software and is one of our longest standing products. It's not just survived, but thrived and is, we believe (and our clients tell us) the best dedicated estate agency software around.


We developed PISCES, which is a carefully selected and vetted group of best-in-class suppliers that you can access directly through our software. PISCES -it's changing the way property professionals do business with suppliers.


If it is a decision based on your data, TAURUS can automate it. But that is not all, TAURUS can query and write back to any compliant database - the possibilities are endless.TAURUS works with our other software products to ensure the things that you need to do, every day, get done.


If you work in the world of lettings or property management we don't know how you can get by without GEMINI. It does lettings and management brilliantly, and then some. It's our flagship product, is award-winning and something that we're rightfully proud of.


We developed SCORPIO, a best of both worlds solution that allows you remote access to server-stored data. SCORPIO has also been designed to help you retain landlords by offering them services they might not get from your competitors, and also a point of difference in order to attract new landlords.

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