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Mar 23, 2017
Property Apps for Estate Agents and Letting Agents
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We’ve listed the top property apps, we think every letting agent and estate agent should begin to utilise within their agency, alongside their estate agent software and letting agent software. Each month we’ll update the list to ensure you’re using the best apps on the market.

1 Panic Guard (App Store/Google Play - Free)

Designed for your personal safety, Panic Guard allows you to continually feel safe 24 hours a day. Once installed, Panic Guard simply asks you to submit an emergency contact. Should you feel threatened, a shake of your mobile will instantly send a text, email, tweet and Facebook message to your contact, alerting them of your location, whilst your mobile’s camera will begin to record your situation. The app also gives you the option to program a journey you’ll be going on, the app will then monitor your journey using GPS. Alternatively, the app also allows you to set it to run in the background should you be going into a meeting. Panic Guard is an app that can significantly assist estate and letting agents who may be feeling threatened in certain situations.

2 Scanbot (App Store/Google Play – Free/Scanbot Pro - £7.99)

Imaging having your very own pocket scanner? Scanbot allows you to scan anything, anywhere in an instant. Simply use your mobile’s camera to scan a document before Scanbot turns it into a PDF or JPEG image you can use in your office. The app also gives the option of adding a series of filters such as a colour, greyscale or black and white effect. Aside from scanning documents, the app also lets you to scan QR codes allowing you to instantly visit websites with a simply scan. Scanbot also comes with the option of a Pro version, which features text recognition, cloud storage and the ability to edit your scans. 

Scanbot can significantly assist your letting and estate agency with managing documentation. Should you be in or out of the office, simply grab your mobile and scan a document in an instant without the inconvenience of visiting a printer. Alternatively, you may also consider a paperless solution within our letting agent software or estate agent software, avoiding the need to scan altogether, further information can be found here

3 Mobile Mouse Remote (App Store/Google Play - Free/Mobile Mouse Pro £1.99/ £1.88 - Google Play

Forgotten your mouse? Mobile Mouse turns your mobile into a portable mouse in a click of a button. Working over Wi-Fi, the app displays a trackpad you can use to browse your PC in any agency. To begin with, it’s essential to download Mobile Mouse’s server on your desktop PC, further information can be found here. This will enable your mobile and PC to communicate with each other. 

The app itself is extremely beneficial as a replacement mouse, especially if you’re out of the office and forget to bring one. The technology may also be beneficial as a USP, as implementing mobiles as your mouse could make you stand out from your competition, especially if a prospective buyer or tenant was to come into your office and see your alternative for a mouse. Should you be interested in establishing your USP, our estate agent communications software may also be useful. 

4 F-Secure SAFE (App Store/Google Play - Free)

When it comes to browsing on your mobile, safety is key. F-Secure SAFE is an app developed to keep you safe when browsing online, the app will ensure you avoid any harmful sites, whilst ensure your banking protection is verified by displaying an indicator when you’re on a banking site. Should your mobile be lost or stolen, the app will provide security by finding it in an instant through F-Secure’s servers. Today, mobiles are increasingly being used as a replacement for a PC, exposing your agency to potential cyber-attacks. This app will enable your agency to remain secure whether you browse on a PC or a mobile. 

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