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Aug 3, 2017
What’s on the App Store? Five Estate Agent and Letting Agent Apps
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Here’s five property apps you’ll be able to utilise when managing your tenancy or selling a property. Whether you’re collecting rent, solving utility queries, simply managing your tenants or working through the selling or buying process, each month we’ll update the best apps on the App and Google Play Store.

1 Linksys (App Store/Google Play - Free/Smart Router Required At Additional Cost) 

Linksys allows you to make your internet smarter. Should you have the app installed, you can manage your Wi-Fi from anywhere in the house or office. The app allows you to consistently check your connected devices, set up guest Wi-Fi profiles, giving you the opportunity to offer it to any tenants or landlords visiting your office or set up safe internet browsing for children. You’ll also have access to a dashboard giving you vital stats you need to optimise your connection. The mobile app requires a smart router provided by Velop or Linksys at an additional cost.

2 LogoScopic Studio (App Store - Free) 

Are you a start-up letting agent? Having trouble finding a logo? LogoScopic allows you to design a new logo or potentially brainstorm a new logo idea in minutes. With over 850 fully customisable logo templates, you’ll be able to design a unique logo in an instant. The mobile app also provides you with 100 hand-picked fonts for you to choose from. All your designs can be exported for either digital or print use. 

3 GoToWebinar (App Store/Google Play - Free) 

Ever wanted to join an online event but you’re heading out of the office? GoToWebinar allows you to attend an event on your mobile or on the go. See and hear every webinar organised through GoToWebinar whilst take part in live polls. Most recent webinars organised in the property industry include HMRC’s guide to property income, landlord tax returns and an estate agent’s guide to anti-money laundering. Should you be attending a webinar using the app, no fee is required, simply tap the app and enter the session ID. If you wish to host a webinar yourself, several subscription packages can be purchased starting from £69 a month.

4 Yammer (App Store/Google Play – Free) 

Yammer’s a place for your team to communicate whether you’re in or out of the office. You’ll be able to link your offices together through Yammer whilst share vital business documents. As well as sharing documents, you’ll be able to share pictures and video, allowing you to share the latest property photographs with the team in an instant. Yammer allows you to stay on top of business whilst give your team a transparent look across the whole agency. It also includes a handy Apple watch app, allowing you to receive instant notifications should an update to the app occur.  

5 Dulex Visualizer (App Store/Google Play- Free)

Are your buyers looking to paint a home? Dulex Visualizer allows you to get a view of your home walls in the planned colour. Should they wish to paint the living room hazelnut brown, simply scan the current walls, choose that colour and you’ll be able to see the end result. This will enable you to not only help your client’s buy but assist them in the future interior design process, giving you a competitive edge over your competition. The mobile app also provides you with alternative colours that could match with your furnishings whilst paint testers can be ordered directly through the app.

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