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How automation has changed the world and can change agency as well

Throughout the years, various companies and individuals have integrated automation with their day-to-day lives in or order to help improve the way their business functions and the productivity of tasks. Automation involves minimising human input and applying technology to drive efficiency – particularly in tasks that are laborious and time-consuming. This is often done to produce and deliver both goods and services. An example of an automated innovation that changed the world is the arrival of the Automated Teller Machine (more commonly known as ATMs), with Barclays bank the first to install an ATM anywhere in the world in 1967, meaning people no longer had to rely on tellers at banks – which typically closed mid-afternoon – to access their cash. Such technology was the pre-cursor to the machines we now see in coach, bus and train stations, and airports too, as well as supermarkets and certain fast-food chains in …

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Business Growth

The role of connectivity in the future of the property market

To enable a new era for the property market, connectivity needs to become a priority for estate agents looking to take their business to the next level and provide an even better service to their customers. We will be running meetings with the Coadjute team across various dates in January 2022, where you can find out more about our new features within Openview.

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Sustainability and automation – how you can reduce your carbon footprint

We have all heard the terrible forecasts and listened to Sir David Attenborough’s speeches on the environment and the “We still have time to act” message could not be more central in all our thoughts, including the Government. There can be no doubt that the biggest thing to affect the UK property industry over the next 10 years will be environmental sustainability and the adverse effects of global warming. This is based on the simple fact that a massive 40% of the UK’s emissions come from households. Yet, in speaking to our agents at the coal face we have found that very few (less than 5%), actually have a policy, to achieve net-zero by 2050, especially worrying when this date is set in Law and even more surprising when over 50% of our clients recognised sustainability as a “very serious” issue for the industry. Maybe the explanation is in that …

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How automation can help smooth over the end of the stamp duty holiday

As the stamp duty holiday on concessionary bandings finally draws to a close on September 30 2021, many across the UK hoping to make use of the discount rush to finalise their home purchases. The surge in demand must be accompanied by automation of tasks and transactions, linked to a seamless communications system, to make the process smoother, more efficient and faster. The tax reduction has contributed to the bounce-back of the UK housing market, making purchasing a property more attainable, but as it ends transactions are expected to decrease in the short-term as some of the incentive to buy and sell is lost. The stamp duty holiday effect Since its inception in July 2020, hundreds of thousands of home movers living in the UK have benefited from the stamp duty holiday. Initially, it was capped at £500,000, then reduced to £250,000. September 30 2021 marks the final end of …

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Business Growth

How using the right tech can help to transform an agency’s business

Tech, as it has been shown more than ever during the pandemic, can be a wonderful thing – bringing people closer together, providing entertainment, making life more convenient, saving lives and keeping the country running during its biggest health crisis in a century. But tech solutions on their own aren’t always the answer – it needs to be the right tech, utilised in the correct way to really answer a need or desire. And it needs to evolve the market rather than attempting to disturb or disrupt it, as some PropTechs do. We often hear from agents that they are faced with too many PropTech solutions, with PropTech that is answering a question that no-one was asking. However, getting the right tech in place can help to transform, grow and enhance an agency business.The big question is – how do you go about choosing the right products and services? Here, …

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Revealed – how automation can help agents keep their businesses fully secure

A news story on the 15th of July 2021 (below) will have set alarm bells ringing for agencies up and down the country when it was revealed that a former employee of a high-profile London agency had been accused of stealing the firm’s client database and handing it to a competitor agency in the local area. There have also been other stories about employees stealing cash from an agency and forcing it to close. Mercifully, such incidents are very rare, but they do happen. These incidents highlight the need for agents to have strong security measures and protocols in place, to reduce the chances of databases or money being stolen. This is important for both large corporate agencies and local one-branch agencies alike – who handle large volumes of money and data on an annual basis. How can agents keep themselves safe? Automation really comes into its own when it …

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