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Tenant Fee Ban

Explaining The Tenant Fee Ban

With the fee ban set to come in on the 1st June 2019, everything from the fees you charge to deposits is set to change. Below we’ve outlined some key things you need to know. Security Deposits These must be capped at 5 weeks rent where annual rent is below £50,000. Pet deposits are banned but increased rent can be charged provided this is advertised in the property advert that an increase in rent will apply should the tenant have pets. Pest control can come out of the security deposit but cannot be charged as an admin fee to tenants during the tenancy. Holding Deposits A deposit can only be withheld should the: Tenant pull out Fails Right To Rent Provides false or misleading statements (If the tenant actively lies about earnings or CCJs, this lie must be able to be proved via a tenant application with declaration.) The agreement …

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Property Marketing

Is Your Team Social?

Think how your team comes across on social media. Firstly, your Facebook page gives you the opportunity to showcase every staff member by adding them as team members. They’ll then appear in the “About” section of your page, giving your brand a personal touch. As well as this, get each staff member to contribute to your Facebook marketing on a daily basis by posting relevant information about your brand, the current property market or the local community. Facebook isn’t the only platform you can showcase your team, Instagram also allows you to show your human side. Think about creating individual Instagram accounts for your staff to post images and videos on. Encourage them to film LIVE videos when they’re about to view a property or take part in an activity related to your business. When it comes to thinking of new and innovative content, get all your team involved in …

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When Tenants Are Away Thieves Come Out To Play

Keeping your property secure is something an agent or landlord must consider. As we’re approaching the holiday season your tenants may be going away on their holidays, leaving your property at risk of burglary. Under the HHSRS checklist, security is just one of several hazards the tenancy should assess. Openview allows you to provide tenants with guidance on their responsibilities when it comes to security whilst tenants can instantly report damage as a result of a break in online. We’ve put together a useful checklist you and your tenant’s can use should they go away. Lock all windows and doors Your tenants should ensure they lock all their windows and doors, especially if they are going away. As the agent you should check these locks at the beginning of the tenancy whilst remind tenants of their duty to keep the property locked should they go away. As well as locks, …

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Property Software

Repair Reporting: What You Should Know

Is it acceptable to tell tenants that the only way to report repairs is via your website or through an app like Task Manager? You can’t dictate how tenant’s report repairs, it’s the tenant’s choice how they do this. Your tenancy agreement should clearly state this, highlighting how tenants can report repairs in writing, in person, online, by phone or by text. When instructing your tenants, tell them to report repairs via Task Manager and explain the benefits they’ll receive which will hopefully encourage them to do so. You should also keep a record of the communication you’ve had with your tenant as well as the repair. Changes to the Homes (Fitness For Human Habitation) Bill means agents should keep a record of the repair through photo’s and written evidence before and after the tenancy. Discover Openview, call 0800 328 0460, email or visit

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Lettings Tips

What Happened At ARLA Conference 2019?

Yesterday (Tuesday 2nd April), we joined thousands of letting agents at the ARLA Propertymark Conference 2019 at the ExCel Centre, London. Whilst providing agents with solutions they can use to ensure compliance, beat the tenant fee ban and grow their business, VTUK paid attention to the conference from key speakers happening across the day. Below we’ve summarised the key announcements from the day… ARLA Remains A Trusted Symbol Peter Savage highlighted how ARLA continuous to be a trusted symbol for renters. He revealed that 20% of the general public now know about ARLA, whilst 31% of those aged 18-30 are aware of ARLA, rising to 45% of those aged 18-30 in Greater London. The Industry Should Unite Paul Chapman, CEO of Countrywide, John Paul, MD of Castledene Group, Gillian Kent, Chairperson at Howsy and Jennie Fojtik, Head Of Leasing at Tipi explored the future business model. They clearly outlined how …

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Things Landlords Should Be Aware Of

With over 150 forms of landlord law, the complexities of drawing up a tenancy agreement and the continuous maintenance of the let, letting a property is getting more and more difficult. As a letting agent, you should elaborate on this when trying to win business from your landlord, convincing them to turn to a managed strategy. Below we’ve outlined key things your landlords and yourself as a letting agent need to consider. 1 Repairs Ensuring you correctly manage your repairs and maintenance will not only allow you to successfully serve a Section 21 but will also keep the property in good condition, reducing the risk of the tenant living in conditions unfit for human habitation. Openview’s Task Manager ensures tenant’s report repairs, instantly, online to yourself, meaning you can consult the contractor immediately, resolving the repairs process. 2 Tenants Knowing your tenant is an important part of letting a property. …

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