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Revealed – how automation can help agents keep their businesses fully secure

A news story on the 15th of July 2021 (below) will have set alarm bells ringing for agencies up and down the country when it was revealed that a former employee of a high-profile London agency had been accused of stealing the firm’s client database and handing it to a competitor agency in the local area. There have also been other stories about employees stealing cash from an agency and forcing it to close. Mercifully, such incidents are very rare, but they do happen. These incidents highlight the need for agents to have strong security measures and protocols in place, to reduce the chances of databases or money being stolen. This is important for both large corporate agencies and local one-branch agencies alike – who handle large volumes of money and data on an annual basis. How can agents keep themselves safe? Automation really comes into its own when it …

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Now Is The Time To Work Together

With the stamp duty holiday nearing an end, it has never been such an important time for every stakeholder of your business to work together. Whether it be buyers, sellers or conveyancers, the market is being pushed to its limit as more and more buyers rush to beat the deadline. According to Rightmove, approximately 700,000 homes are nearing completion significantly putting pressure on the resources of agents. From 1st July 2021, the threshold to which stamp duty begins is £250,000, from September 2021 stamp duty will be paid on any property bought over £125,000. First time buyers however will not pay any stamp duty on properties costing up to £300,000. The good news is, should a situation arise in the future, where you’re significantly being put under severe strain to get property purchases over the line, our Openview property software can help. Openview allows every stakeholder of your business to …

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Business Growth

Engage Your Agency With Openview

Manage. Engage. Automate. This blog is the second in a series of three blog posts exploring the Openview ecosystem. If you missed our first blog exploring how Openview can help you manage your business, please click here to read it. In this blog, we are going to be looking closer at the engage side to Openview. How can Openview assist your business in engaging with clients, colleagues and partners? How can we enhance your communications through our innovative solutions? In today’s current market, it’s quite clear how important communicating with every stakeholder of the business is, that’s why engagement is a crucial element in our ecosystem. To begin with, the engage part of our Openview ecosystem comes in three distinctive components, Openview Assist, Openview Connect and Openview Services. Openview Assist has been designed to look directly at your business; we’ll conduct a consultancy on your business looking at the four …

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Why the stamp duty rush highlights the need for automated processes

Automated processes could be the best solution to meeting increased demand in the housing industry. The Covid-19 pandemic, the stamp duty holiday, and the 95% mortgage scheme have contributed to the increased housing demand across the UK. The surge in activity continues to put pressure on those working within the property industry. Working quickly to meet deadlines and avoid delays with larger volumes of clients, paperwork to complete, and transactions to the process have made the landscape more challenging. On June 30 2021, the first term of the stamp duty holiday will end at a £500,000 house value threshold. After June 30 2021, the threshold will be reduced to £250,000 until September 30 2021. Automating transactions, sales progression and tenant maintenance reporting could allow more time to speak to prospects, network with landlords or carry out viewings. By automating these processes in a way that tailors directly to the agency, …

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Business Growth

Manage Your Agency With Openview

Manage, Engage and Automate with Openview. But what do we mean by this? This blog is part 1 of a series of 3 blog posts where we’ll be exploring the Openview ecosystem. To begin with, we’re looking at how Openview can help manage your agency. Agency is in constant change, staff, compliance, working practices and this is only going to accelerate. For example, agents are seeing changes to the stamp duty holiday, right to rent changes are due whilst changes to the Section 8 form has come in. With all this constant change, it has never been such an important time to manage your business and bring order to this confusing change, enabling you to work on the business and not fire fight in the never-ending additions being put against you. That’s where our Openview property software comes in. Openview allows you to manage your agency through three different diverse …

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Collaboration With Automation

“Stop fighting the inevitable and embrace the change.” The first and foremost emotion which people exhibit when AI or automation is mentioned is FEAR. Fear of the unknown and the dread of not being in control, all mixed in with a deep set Apathy as there are those that also believe it will take their jobs, or they struggle with the concept of not being in control. Simply put, IT WON’T. We have worked with Letting and Estate Agents for the past 33 years and we empathise deeply with the legislative pain that in particular letting agents have suffered in the past 2 years. However, it is now time to do something about it, take the bull by the horns and embrace technological advancement. We are not talking about machines meeting people at houses and taking them for tours, that’s just a gimmick. What we are talking about is taking …

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