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Estate Agent Tips

Who’s Going “BANG”?

Going BANG? We’ve put a list together of things you can do to ensure your letting or estate agency has that extra snap, crackle and pop, whilst also utilising our Openview property software to enhance your marketing. 1 Offer Online As well as offering a traditional high street service, adapt your agency to online. Launch your own online affiliate brand using Openview Online which can run alongside your traditional agency. Advertise your online brand in your office window and in the window of your website. This will increase your visibility online, whilst give new clients a choice of using you or your online affiliate, giving them no reason not to approach you. 2 Get On TV Whether it’s Homes Under The Hammer, Location, Location, Location or Grand Designs, look out for TV opportunities. This June, Curve Media are looking for family run estate agents to take part in a new …

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Contractor Communication

Whether it’s your plumber, electrician or painter, communicating with your contractors is often a tricky process. We’ve outlined several things you should consider to achieve effective contractor communication. 1 Plan Plan your communication with contractors before you begin the tenancy, making sure they understand the responsibility they are undertaking. Should they be a company working on your behalf, ensure you have a point of contact you can call easily. 2 The Process Ensure you communicate with all your contractors in a similar fashion. Establishing a process of communication will allow your rentals to flow allowing you delivering outstanding customer service. Think about using Openview’s online portal, allowing all parties, contractors, landlords and tenants, to communicate instantly, giving you a seamless communication process. Think about using private social networks such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn or Facebook to establish a personal connection with your contractors too. 3 Repair Reporting Sometimes you need your …

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Do Landlords Need To Register With The ICO?

As a landlord or agent, under GDPR legislation you’re required to be registered with the ICO. Many will already be registered and paying a fee to the ICO. If you’re not registered and you are handling data from your tenants in electronic format, you must get in contact with the ICO to register. How much is the registration fee? Should your business have no more than 10 employees and as long as your turnover does not exceed £632,000, the fee is £40 with a £5 discount if you pay by direct debit. What if I do not comply? If you fail to register you may be liable to pay a penalty up to £4,350. How do I register? To register with the ICO, please visit the ICO’s official website by clicking here. Keep compliant with Openview property software, call 0800 328 0460, email or visit THE INFORMATION IN …

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What Must You Publish?

Letting agents must publish certain information to clients. The information must be clear, not misleading and be visible to the eye in your office, on your website and on third party websites. Third party websites includes portals, social media and other websites. It may not always be possible to advertise all the details on social media, in this case a link to your fees on your website is acceptable. Below we’ve outlined what you must publish: A Detailed Breakdown Of Fees/Charges A detailed list of ALL your fees, charges and potential penalties must be published in your letting agency, on your website and on third party websites. This must be clearly visible, not misleading, setting out your fees inclusive of VAT, in your office and on your website, the customer shouldn’t have to ask for the information. On your website, the information must be together. Should it be on a …

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Property Software

What’s The Future Of Viewings?

Whether it’s 360 cameras, virtual tours, Microsoft’s HoloLens, Google’s Glass, virtual reality or augmented reality, we’ve put together a list of trending technology we predict will have a significant impact on the future of viewings. Immoviewer mmoviewer provides software which allows agents to remote control a number of different 360° cameras such as the Madventure 360 camera which we recommend, alongside all the Ricoh Theta range. With Immoviewer you can take a single 360° image of every room in the property and then instantly create a virtual tour. When it comes to viewings, the tour can then be used with your buyers to walk through the property on a PC, tablet, phone or even in a virtual reality headset. Interactive floorplans and 3D Dollshouses can then be used from the virtual tour giving you a fantastic new way of visualising the layout of a property. Immoviewer is changing how agents …

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Prop Tech

5G And The Smart Home

5G has officially started rolling out across the UK. To begin with it will be available in six cities on the EE network rising to 10 by the end of the year. Ultimately, 5G means faster internet speeds, potentially up to 20Gbs, we at VTUK would like to explore what these faster speeds mean for the housing market and how they’re likely to impact the property industry on the whole. Smart Homes 5G’s incredible speed will allow for much deeper smart home integration. As our TV’s, kettles, washing machines, fridges and a whole manner of household devices become connected, the home Wi-Fi is getting slower and slower. Using 5G will allow much faster integration within the home, making the home smarter than ever before. Smart Neighborhoods 5G will have a significant impact on our living neighborhoods. Driverless cars will be able to communicate fluidly whilst sensors can be deployed that …

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