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Property Software

What’s The Future Of Viewings?

Whether it’s 360 cameras, virtual tours, Microsoft’s HoloLens, Google’s Glass, virtual reality or augmented reality, we’ve put together a list of trending technology we predict will have a significant impact on the future of viewings. Immoviewer mmoviewer provides software which allows agents to remote control a number of different 360° cameras such as the Madventure 360 camera which we recommend, alongside all the Ricoh Theta range. With Immoviewer you can take a single 360° image of every room in the property and then instantly create a virtual tour. When it comes to viewings, the tour can then be used with your buyers to walk through the property on a PC, tablet, phone or even in a virtual reality headset. Interactive floorplans and 3D Dollshouses can then be used from the virtual tour giving you a fantastic new way of visualising the layout of a property. Immoviewer is changing how agents …

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Prop Tech

5G And The Smart Home

5G has officially started rolling out across the UK. To begin with it will be available in six cities on the EE network rising to 10 by the end of the year. Ultimately, 5G means faster internet speeds, potentially up to 20Gbs, we at VTUK would like to explore what these faster speeds mean for the housing market and how they’re likely to impact the property industry on the whole. Smart Homes 5G’s incredible speed will allow for much deeper smart home integration. As our TV’s, kettles, washing machines, fridges and a whole manner of household devices become connected, the home Wi-Fi is getting slower and slower. Using 5G will allow much faster integration within the home, making the home smarter than ever before. Smart Neighborhoods 5G will have a significant impact on our living neighborhoods. Driverless cars will be able to communicate fluidly whilst sensors can be deployed that …

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Lettings Tips

Top Tips To BBQ Safety

BBQ Safety is crucial whether you’re a letting agent or tenant. Should you have supplied your tenants with a BBQ or you just simply want to advise your tenants on how to keep safe when organising a BBQ, we’ve put together this blog with advice courtesy of Gas Safe Register. Checking Your BBQ Check your BBQ before using it, ensuring all hoses are attached. If the gas cylinder needs changing, make sure all gas taps are turned off and it is done in the open air. Be careful not to over-tighten joints. When the BBQ has finished, make sure the gas cylinders have been turned of before the BBQ controls. This will ensure all gas is used up. The gas stove, light or heater should always be left outside. The manufacturers booklet must always be consulted for further advice on how to check for gas escapes such as brushing leak …

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Lighting Your Property

Another hazard under the HHSRS (Housing Health And Safety Rating System) you need to consider is light. Two Types Of Light Initially there are two types of light your property needs to be receiving, artificial and natural light. Artificial Light – “Any light source that is produced by electrical means.Artificial lighting has many different applications and is usedboth in home and commercially.” Natural Light – “The light from the sun : sunlight indoor photographs made in natural light.” The dictionary defines artificial light as light that is formed via electrical means, this being through your light bulb, whilst natural light is any light formed by the sun. Typically, natural light is received throughout the day whilst artificial light occurs at night. What should you be doing? When it comes to natural light, you should ensure the windows are not blocked and are free to let enough sunlight in. Alternatively, when …

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Estate Agent Tips

In The Community?

When it comes to marketing your agency, “offline” marketing is just as important as your online approach. We’ve outlined some key things you should consider. 1 Newspapers Some say it’s rather an old approach but listing your property in the “local” newspaper is still a very effective method of marketing. 2 Cards If you were to receive a “thank you” or “congrats” card in the post with a gift inside, you’re likely to remember it. That’s why sending cards should be one of your key marketing methods. You could even ask the potential customer to tweet a picture of the card to your social media, combining your offline and online marketing. 3 Print If people see your name everywhere they’re more likely to turn their attention to you. Consider putting your brand on the back of a bus, a park bench, in the local shopping center, bowling alley, cinema, DIY …

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Estate Agent Tips

The Moving Process: Your Step By Step Guide

Processing the selling and buying process as efficiently as you can is vital, not just to achieve excellent service but to also enhance your reputation in the industry. We’ve outlined a key timeline you can use when going through the selling or buying process. Advertise Research new business Organise valuation Carry our valuation Chase lead Gain instruction Verify AML Prepare photos/floorplans/marketing Produce property copyright and leaflets Put property on website/portals/social media Sell Look for a potential buyer Register their details Are the buyers qualified? Invite/book buyers for a viewing Ensure 3rd parties are aware Attend the viewing Ask for viewing feedback Pass feedback to vendor Ask for an offer Pass offer to vendor Negotiate deal Progress Start final paperwork Verify the buyer Organise Conveyancing/Tenancy Agreement Ensure deal doesn’t fall through Organise mortgage/funds Start survey/inventory process Continue to manage all parties Chase all parties to exchange Complete all paperwork Hand over …

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