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Guarantee A Successful Software Implementation

Before you begin implementing you should consider three things, your vision, plan and project momentum. What If My Implementation Fails? Should your software implementation fail to be beneficial, there’s always more than one reason to blame. Typically, it tends to be you (the customer) that influences an inefficient system, by setting out with no vision, a lack of momentum and no communication with your staff, the end result will eventually lead to software being installed incorrectly and inefficiently. For example, a company with 400 users may see low cost software and implementation costs but may not reap the benefits of the software by utilising its tools to improve revenue, costs and customer experience, whilst at the same time improve staff morale and integrate the software further within the business in the future. Know The Benefits From our experience, a business that successfully implements CRM has a clear vision of why …

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HHSRS Checklist: Size

Size is just one of 28 hazards you need to consider on the HHSRS (Housing Health And Safety Rating System) checklist. When it comes to the size of your property, assessing whether your property is overcrowded is a vital part of complying with the Homes (Fitness For Human Habitation) Bill. Is my property overcrowded? To assess whether your property is overcrowded you should abide by the “space and room standard”. This involves counting the number of people living in the property whilst measuring the number of rooms and floor space. As well as this, you should ensure your rooms are of adequate size. Available for all Openview and VTUK users, our e-guide outlines in detail how to assess whether you property is overcrowded, download it on our Openview Enterprise Facebook Group.

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Estate Agent Tips

How Can I Use Drones To Market My Property?

We asked our drone expert, Jae, for some guidance into how agents can use drones to enhance their marketing. How can agents use drones to enhance their marketing? An agent I’d expect would use a drone in order to take pictures of any property they have. I’m under the impression at the moment that it’s normally the case of a higher end property or a property with a decent amount of area around it. Offering drone photography is certainly a fantastic way to stand out as an agency and gain new instructions, although the operator flying the drone would need a licence to fly over any property or any area in which have people operating. Do you need to be a qualified pilot to fly a drone? You do need to be a qualified pilot to fly a drone. You need to take a short course which currently takes about …

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Lettings Tips

What’s A Landlords Biggest Concern?

VTUK carried out some research to find out what the ten top concerns landlords have in today’s property industry. Here’s what we found… “My tenants won’t pay the rent?” Many landlords are concerned what to do if their tenants don’t pay their rent. Making the Section 21 process clear with your landlord, whilst utilising our Openview software to automate the arrears process could reassure them, you as the letting agent are managing the rental process efficiently. “My tenants could sublet?” Landlords are concerned if their tenants start subletting their property. Make it clear with your landlord that tenants need permission to do this beforehand whilst ensuring a term is in place in your tenancy agreement for subletting. “My tenants could damage the property?” Managing the rental process is key. Think about using Openview’s repair reporting tool, to give tenants the ability to report any repairs directly to the landlord or …

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Prop Tech

30 Years Of VTUK

Who are you? Peter Grant, currently serving year 27 of my sentence in the property industry and still loving every moment of working in such an innovative environment. What does it say on your business card? CEO of VTUK What is VTUK? It’s a tiger, where the spine is technology, flexible enough to be agile, but strong enough to support huge speeds and sharp turns. The claws and teeth are our clients, fearsome and sharp as razors, getting the job done, all wrapped up in big soft pelt of service, mindfulness and care. How long have you been trading? We started trading on the same day that Tim Berners-Lee unleashed the internet on the world in 1989. Famously, I was quoted five years later as saying: “posting properties on the internet to sell them will never take off!” In what ways do you help estate and letting agents? It would …

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Tenant Fee Ban

Survive The Fee Ban

How are you ensuring you survive the 2019 fee ban? As you face a loss of income, we’ve put together a useful guide to help your business not just grow but stand out from your competition. 1 Don’t Just Let It Lettings isn’t the only market you can grow. Think about expanding into sales block management, auctions, land, property investment or new homes. This can all be managed and streamlined through Openview. 2 Train Your Staff Train your staff on your current software system such as Openview. This will allow them to perform exceptional customer service whilst give them the ability to upsell. By doing this, you’ll be able to offer your staff incentives should they upsell to a client, boosting their happiness in the workplace, helping to retain them which will in the long run help reduce staff turnover. 3 Innovate B1 This is your chance to innovate and …

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