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Property Software Training lies at the heart of our business

Training is not a profit centre for us but an integral element to our overall offering.

Trained clients are happy clients, happy clients give us great referrals, well trained clients need less support and hence we are able to pass on the overall advantage in our pricing structure and deliver best value for money to our client base. Trained clients use every aspect of the software, hence generating maximum benefit for their business, but also pushing the boundaries of our product and ensuring we have the fastest development cycle of any property software company.

We offer four different types of training, which are:

Product Training at VTUK:

This is delivered via classroom style training at our premises in our specially developed training facility. It is superb value for money and can be tailored to suit user capabilities, from new starts to advanced accounting. At every part of staff development we offer cost effective and targeted training at our facilities. The courses are residential, usually over two days and can even be tailored for specific company requirements if you require exclusivity to protect your market edge or unique sales practices.

Product Training or Consultancy on-site:

This gives the opportunity for very precise training delivery, without the need to disrupt daily business operations by taking staff out of the office. Our consultancy service will enable you to define best practice guides and create bespoke staff manuals, which not only allow current staff to operate according to precise company procedures but will also accelerate assimilation of new staff. 

Live Data Training:

Our Live Data Training module covers the key aspects required for assimilation. Our research shows the following areas to be of immediate concern:

  • Transferring tenancies from legacy systems

  • Setting up accounts and opening balances

  • Configuring letters

  • Setting up window cards

  • Setting up marketing lists

  • Producing reports

Our clients want to know that when the trainer leaves they can enter details on to the system, run the accounts and send letters. This will all be achieved by the end of the LDT process. LDT can be structured for either one or two days depending on client and data size.

Telephone Training & Remote Assist (Or Skype Messenger for the more adventurous):

Further assimilation will progress with Telephone Continuation Training. This will involve application of the more advanced functions in a real time environment, so that assimilation is applied to business practice and actual requirements. In this way the program should be used in full by the end of month one.

VTUK: Approaching Agency From a Different Angle

VTUK has drawn on its consultancy experience and constructed an approach to new business to differentiate itself from competition. The four key drivers are designed around a holistic business plan covering:

Business Continuity

How do you protect your brand and data from adverse publicity and negativity? How do you protect it from theft and corruption?

You have to consider:

  • Compliance
  • Best Practice
  • Ring-fencing the business value
  • A full data collapse continuity plan

Retaining Landlords

How do you ensure your landlords keep coming back to you? How do you ensure that they remain 'sticky' and loyal to your business?

You have to consider:

  • The value of retained business
  • Added value services that keep your landlords loyal
  • The benefits of a sound reputation and referral business

Acquiring New Landlords

How are you attracting new landlords in these market conditions? How have you altered your approach to keep you ahead of the competition?

You have to consider:

  • New opportunities for business growth
  • The implications of not taking advantage of the market opportunities
  • Falling behind your competition

Increasing the profit of each let

How do you ensure you are maximising the profit from each let? How do you access best in class suppliers and order services through the click of a button?

You have to consider:

  • Administration Time
  • Supplier Reputation
  • Best Practice
  • Referral commission from suppliers

Redbrick Sales and Lettings Case Study


Redbrick Sales and Lettings is a residential letting and sales specialist in Coventry and Warwickshire, and is an ARLA member. Redbrick strive to offer a second to none service with great aftercare, through a small, experienced and caring team. Redbrick place the safety of its tenants above all else. As such, the need to ensure gas safety, fire and electrical records, and all other areas of compliance, are current and up to date is paramount.

The Task:

Redbrick Sales and Lettings used a manual system of excel spreadsheets and word documentation to undertake the day-to-day tasks of running a busy letting management business. Through GEMINI, Redbrick wanted to alleviate the administration tasks hindering the residential lettings team.

Issues highlighted:

  • Gas safety, fire and electrical compliance records
  • Accounts (including end of year accounting) and tax reports
  • Statement printing
  • Web advertising
  • Applicant/property matching
  • Letter/agreement production
  • Time taken to manually undertake administration tasks

The Result:

Following implementation of GEMINI, Redbrick have a streamlined business, taking advantage of the following features of the programme:

  • All gas safety, fire and electrical compliance is easily tracked through GEMINI and produces reports to inform in advance of any checks in the future
  • All accounts are in a central store, and Annual Return Forms can be produced at the touch of a button
  • All accounts can be easily converted to PDF and emailed directly through GEMINI
  • Uploading properties to  web portals directly through GEMINI
  • Easy matching facility allows you to transfer an applicant into a tenant


"With some initial investment of time to get our own documentation onto the GEMINI system, we are now using this to full capacity. GEMINI has saved us enormous amounts of time, allowing us to continue with growing the business and taking care of our clients. I would like to say that we have found your support and service to be absolutely exceptional, I believe that people are paid to do a job and should do it right, but in your case you always seem to go above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you for all your hard work."

City life case study


City Life Group are an Estate and Lettings agency based in Edgbaston, offering a wide range of properties to buy or let in the city of Birmingham and its surrounding suburbs. City Life Group needed a software package that would enable them to grow both quickly and effectively, was efficient and structured but allowed versatility.

The Task:

City Life Group were using a basic accountancy package for their financial records and also used a manual system of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for the remainder of their management

Issues highlighted:

  • End of year tax returns
  • Tenancy Agreement production
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Statement compiling and printing
  • New tenancy allocation
  • Time taken to manually  produce reports and maintain databases
  • Gas safety, fire and electrical compliance records

The Result:

Five years after implementation, City Life Group has embraced the following features of the GEMINI programme to streamline and improve its business:

  • End of year tax returns produced directly through the GEMINI software
  • Ability to use existing internal documentation within the software
  • Ability to track contractor maintenance within the software
  • Reports produced based on transactions through the programme
  • GEMINI's 'prebooked' facility allows allocation of a property while still occupied
  • Gas safety, fire and electrical compliance records tracked in GEMINI
  • Monthly activity reports produced within GEMINI to allow overall business performance analysis


"It was essential that we have a system installed to run our property management department that allowed us keep track of our performance and ensure our business runs efficiently.

Once your portfolio grows to over 50 properties, you need a reliable system that will allow you to manage them and keep a historical log of their activities. Our property management business revolves around GEMINI. Like all agents, we get a lot of property queries. GEMINI gives us, and our customers, instant feedback, so there's no need for the infamous, I'll get someone to call you back.

However the most important factor for me has been the support we get from the VTUK team, and their continuous drive to keep updating the system to ensure the letting and property management process is easily managed.

GEMINI has helped us massively with the day to day tasks of running our business, allowing us to concentrate on marketing ourselves within the Birmingham area."


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products made for your business


Estate agency software.

AQUARIUS is our estate agency software and is one of our longest standing products. It's not just survived, but thrived and is, we believe (and our clients tell us) the best dedicated estate agency software around.

It was designed for estate agents by estate agents, it is a great communications platform for staying in constant contact with your vendors and applicants alike, as well as assisting you in managing your pipeline and sales progression process.


The best estate agent consultancy service.

PISCES is a group of ‘best in class’ property industry suppliers, whether it’s a provider that could streamline your own internal business processes, or a supplier that could provide you with a USP.

The time savings are huge, time that you can now spend on aqcuiring new landlords and vendors, it is changing the way property professionals do business with suppliers. The network of suppliers have been carefully selected and vetted, giving you piece of mind you are dealing with the right people.


Estate agency process management software.

TAURUS is Automation Software that will save you time and money by dramatically reducing time spent on any of your current business process that currently drain time resource. It works on our competitors products to ensure the things that you need to do, every day, get done.

If it is a decision based on your data, Taurus can automate it. The outputs that Taurus generates are based on 2 decision types, 1. Triggers (a change in the database) and 2. Schedules (a time based event, often on the same time each day).


Letting and management software.  

Gemini is an award winning Lettings and Management tool specifically designed for every department of a lettings business, it is used nationally by accountants, negotiators, maintenance teams and lettings managers.

Gemini helps you rediscover your best practices by keeping you compliant with ever changing lettings compliance, and will remind you every step of the way on very important time restricted tasks.

Scorpio / estate agent communication software

Estate agent communications software.

SCORPIO was developed as a ‘best of both worlds’ solution that allows you web access to server-stored data. Web based providers say being on the web is essential, whereas we believe having essential data on the web is essential.

It was designed to help you retain landlords and vendors by offering them services they might not get from your competitors, which in itself will also attract new business. Also the ability for your landlords and vendors to view feedback from viewings and a whole lot more.

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