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I Am A Landlord

When it comes to looking after your properties, VTUK’s software lets landlords play a bigger role in a better way.

Our server-based property management software GEMINI has revolutionised how our clients approach their duties. GEMINI offers an unparalleled toolkit of functions, created and added specifically to improve the efficiency and quality of property maintenance and lettings.

But not only that, VTUK has created SCORPIO, which takes all the security and functionality of GEMINI, and lets you access it through an online portal.  For the first time you as a landlord will be able to view a detailed status of each of your properties, wherever you are, and even influence the way they are being managed.


Which VTUK products this person could use:

products made for your business


Estate agency software.

AQUARIUS is our estate agency software and is one of our longest standing products. It's not just survived, but thrived and is, we believe (and our clients tell us) the best dedicated estate agency software around.

It was designed for estate agents by estate agents, it is a great communications platform for staying in constant contact with your vendors and applicants alike, as well as assisting you in managing your pipeline and sales progression process.


The best estate agent consultancy service.

PISCES is a group of ‘best in class’ property industry suppliers, whether it’s a provider that could streamline your own internal business processes, or a supplier that could provide you with a USP.

The time savings are huge, time that you can now spend on aqcuiring new landlords and vendors, it is changing the way property professionals do business with suppliers. The network of suppliers have been carefully selected and vetted, giving you piece of mind you are dealing with the right people.


Estate agency process management software.

TAURUS is Automation Software that will save you time and money by dramatically reducing time spent on any of your current business process that currently drain time resource. It works on our competitors products to ensure the things that you need to do, every day, get done.

If it is a decision based on your data, Taurus can automate it. The outputs that Taurus generates are based on 2 decision types, 1. Triggers (a change in the database) and 2. Schedules (a time based event, often on the same time each day).


Letting and management software.  

Gemini is an award winning Lettings and Management tool specifically designed for every department of a lettings business, it is used nationally by accountants, negotiators, maintenance teams and lettings managers.

Gemini helps you rediscover your best practices by keeping you compliant with ever changing lettings compliance, and will remind you every step of the way on very important time restricted tasks.

Scorpio / estate agent communication software

Estate agent communications software.

SCORPIO was developed as a ‘best of both worlds’ solution that allows you web access to server-stored data. Web based providers say being on the web is essential, whereas we believe having essential data on the web is essential.

It was designed to help you retain landlords and vendors by offering them services they might not get from your competitors, which in itself will also attract new business. Also the ability for your landlords and vendors to view feedback from viewings and a whole lot more.

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